HUGE ESTATE SALE - Lincoln wheat pennies grab bag - 1909-1958 coin lot w/ 1943 steel pennies - by the pound

This huge estate lot of old Lincoln wheat pennies is being split into lots by-the-pound for an affordable way to expand your collection. From inspection, this lot has about 80% copper 1940-1958 cents, and 20% pre-1940 cents and 1943 steel cents. Coins from the 1910s, 1920s, and 1930s are seen in this overall lot. Cents are in average circulated condition...

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1803 Draped Bust Large Cent, S-249 variety, 100 over 000 - vintage US coin

1803 Draped Bust Large Cent, S-249 Sheldon variety (100 over 000 fraction). AU Details / Environmental Damage.

Coin features an above average amount of detail, with an average amount of pitting on the obverse, and more unfortunate damage on the reverse. Estimated net grade as Very Fine. A nice specimen for the advanced collector or for a type specimen.

This features the 100 over 000 variety, with the first "1" in the fraction being stamped over the first "0", in what was an engraving error. See detailed photograph.

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1798 Draped Bust Large Cent, S-153 with cud - rare old US penny coin

1798 Large Cent in XF details condition. This very nice example is Sheldon number 153 (cross reference Breen number 1720). It features the "1st Hair Style" also known as the Head of 1797. The first hair style can be noticed in the separation of the three curls near the "1" in the date. It shows an end die state with characteristic cud on the obverse at 5...

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