HUGE ESTATE SALE - Lincoln wheat pennies grab bag - 1909-1958 coin lot w/ 1943 steel pennies - by the pound

This huge estate lot of old Lincoln wheat pennies is being split into lots by-the-pound for an affordable way to expand your collection. From inspection, this lot has about 80% copper 1940-1958 cents, and 20% pre-1940 cents and 1943 steel cents. Coins from the 1910s, 1920s, and 1930s are seen in this overall lot. Cents are in average circulated condition...

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Coin Supply Kits

Coin Supply Kits

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Coin Supplies Starter Kit - Coin Flips, Loupe, Gloves, Storage Box

This coin supplies starter kit includes everything you need to safely store and handle your coin collection. Kit includes: - 50 PVC-free 2" coin flips with 50 paper inserts - 1 illuminated LED magnifying loupe with case - 1 Pair inspection gloves - 1 9" storage box for 2x2 coin flips Save money and time by sourcing everything at once. * no coins included

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