HUGE ESTATE SALE - Lincoln wheat pennies grab bag - 1909-1958 coin lot w/ 1943 steel pennies - by the pound

This huge estate lot of old Lincoln wheat pennies is being split into 1/2 pound lots for an affordable way to expand your collection. From inspection, this lot has about 80% copper 1940-1958 cents, and 20% pre-1940 cents and 1943 steel cents. Coins from the 1910s, 1920s, and 1930s are seen in this overall lot. Cents are in average circulated condition...

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1864 Indian Head Cent - cupro-nickel type - great condition Civil War era US penny

1864 Indian Head Cent, Cupro Nickel, Extra Fine condition.

Above average condition coin, full 'Liberty' with two diamonds on handband, and pleasing details throughout.

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Lot of 5 Indian Head Cents - 5 Different Dates + 1 1800s cent guaranteed

Lot of 5 different Indian Head Cents, in circulated condition from the lot pictured. At least one cent will be from the 1800s. No cull coins (dents, paint, graffiti, heavy corrosion, holes).Ordering two lots will still guarantee unique dates. May be duplicates for 3+ lots. As always, I ship fast and free with USPS tracking included.

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1877 Indian Head Cent - key date rare old US penny

1877 Indian Head Cent - rare, key date of the series. Mintage of 852,500. Many fewer survive. PCGS estimates a survival of 5,000 coins across all grades. Condition is Very Good / Details. Coin has an old cleaning on the obverse and rim damage at 9 o'clock. Sourced from a vintage album from the 1960s. Coin may be authenticated by noting weak 'N' on...

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