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Mega Coin Collecting Kit - 50 coin grab bag with 1 oz silver / values Red Book / magnifying loupe / gloves / flips- holiday gift

Mega Coin Collecting Kit - 50 coin grab bag with 1 oz silver / values Red Book / magnifying loupe / gloves / flips- holiday gift

What a great value! This mega coin collecting kit has all the coins and supplies you need to make for a great holiday gift. This set includes:
- A 50 coin bag of US coins with 1oz silver coins, from the early 1900s to the early 1960s.
- A wooden treasure chest holder
- A 2024 United States Red Book, for all information about coin values
- A magnifying loupe and case
- One pair of cotton gloves
- 25 PVC-free plastic holders with paper inserts

Normally a $116 value sold individually, this mega collecting kit is an exclusive from Bison Numismatics for a 30% off deal.

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Each bag of coins includes:

1 Walking Liberty Half Dollar
1 Barber Quarter
1 Washington Quarter
1 Barber Dime
1 Mercury Dime
2 Roosevelt Dimes
1 Liberty "V" Nickel
3 Buffalo (Indian Head) Nickels
4 early date Jefferson Nickels from 1938-1964
1 Indian Head Cent
7 pre-1940 Lincoln Wheat Cents, including some with mintmarks
22 1940-1958 Lincoln Wheat Cents of different dates (good for starting an album)
1 1943 Steel Cent - made to conserve copper during WW2
1 Gem uncirculated wheat cent (comes with protective capsule)
3 AU/BU early Lincoln Memorial Cents, 1959-1964         

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